Reviews of Red White Blue 7s Online Slots

BetSoft’s Red White Blue 7s is a slot for every North American patriot and admirer of traditional mechanical machines. It offers a throwback playing experience with vibrant colors and vintage sounds. This game was one of BetSoft’s first attempts to replicate the sensation of playing in a brick-and-mortar casino. Red White Blue 7s may not dazzle you with its features due to its 3-reels, 1 payline, and low betting limits, but it may still offer you an adrenaline rush with its real money prizes of up to 5,000 coins.

The Red White Blue 7s slot machine does not feature free spins bonuses or double-up capabilities, nor is it compatible with mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Nevertheless, if you don’t mind the game’s old-fashioned simplicity, you’ll be able to have some unforgettable gaming sessions, as you’ll see in the review that follows.

Red White Blue 7s Online Slot: How to Play

BetSoft’s Red, White, and Blue 7s is a straightforward slot game, making it a good option for slot beginners. After the game loads, the first thing you do is choose whether you want to play with a “wide view” that displays the whole machine or a “full view” that displays just the reels and buttons. Next, click the coin and “bet one” buttons to pick your desired coin size and whether you want to wager one or three coins every round. The minimum stake each spin is 0.02 credits, however you may gamble up to a maximum of 5 credits.

This slot is remarkable in that it has just one payline, which runs across the centre of all three reels. One payline makes it easy to keep track of your earnings, particularly because the line is constantly visible. However, depending on the view you’re using to play, you may be required to click the “pay table” button to display the payouts. The paytable will reveal all of the possible rewards, which will be multiplied by your selected coin value to calculate your payments. When playing for real money and betting one coin every round, the winnings range from two coins to one thousand coins per sequence. However, if you play with the maximum wager, you will get a bonus jackpot of up to 5,000 coins!

These awards can only be enjoyed on desktop computers and laptops, not on newer Android and iOS tablets and mobile devices. Red White Blue 7s, unlike many of Betsoft’s older games, was not rebuilt for mobile play and is only available as a Flash online casino game.

Red White and Blue Sevens Special Features and Free Spins

If you’re looking for an easy method to earn rewards, there are few better slot machines than traditional Vegas-style games like Red White Blue 7s. For the majority of payouts in this slot game at an online slots site, you will only need to line up three matching symbols on the main payline, as shown by your paytable. Exceptions exist, including instances in which the slot machine pays for mixed sequences and less than three gathered symbols.

For instance, the single, double, and triple BAR symbols may award up to sixty, one hundred fifty, and three hundred coins, respectively, when matched. However, even if you collect a mixed sequence of any of the three symbols, the slot machine will still provide you a consolation reward of up to nine coins, depending on the quantity of your wager. You may also win additional consolation prizes with the blue 7 symbols, which can provide 6 or 30 coins even if you only collect one or two of them.

In the Red White Blue 7s slot, the 7s you want to see the most are the white and red 7s, which provide the highest rewards. The red 7s are especially noteworthy, as they may award 1,000 to 2,000 coins when one to two coins are wagered every round, and the major prize when all three coins are wagered.

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